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August 1, 2011

Not Afraid to Fail

     Like many sales-related industries, the real estate sales industry is fertile territory for panderers of self help books, tapes, DVD’s, etc, and as such I have become vaguely familiar with the genre. Emphasis on the word “vaguely”, for though I have over the years begun reading many of these books, I confess that I have finished very few. Not because I have issue with the content – to the contrary, I generally find myself nodding in agreement as... View Article

June 1, 2011

Climb Everest or Mow the Lawn?

     The Globe and Mail’s weekend addition always has a great obituary section that I read without fail. In addition to an obit-itorial, often about a world figure that has passed away in the preceding week there are family sponsored obituaries about local citizens. I would presume that the quarter page in which some families invest is not an inexpensive proposition. Consequently, the folks of whom you read, are usually what one might consider high achievers. It is never... View Article