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July 20, 2015

Got Your Bathing Suit ?

The Bank of Canada lowered the prime lending rate this past week, in a move that garnered very little attention in the media. For the better part of a generation, interest rates have been low, so a move from almost zero, to a little closer to zero raises few eyebrows. As my livelihood is closely and visibly tied to people’s willingness to spend borrowed money, I notice these things. It is easy to take cheap money for granted, but it... View Article

June 24, 2015

Compounding Interest

  Real estate investors, or those who fancy themselves to be, sometimes turn for inspiration and gumption to a poem entitled ‘Procrastination’. Penned by an anonymous author in 1918, Procrastination retells the fabled sale of Manhattan Island to Peter Minuet for $26 in 1626. The poem is written from the perspective of the second place bidder who walked away from the deal, deeming it too expensive. He knew the real estate market was over-heated, and determined he would wait for... View Article

May 14, 2015

What Ever Happened to Cheaters Never Prosper?

Sport, in many ways mimics life. The harder you train for your sport, the better you get. The better you get, the higher level you achieve amongst your peers. The better you are able to combine your talents with those of your peers, the more success your team will achieve. It is not difficult to correlate sport to the working world, and thus sport has long been a good teaching tool for children. The lessons learned on the playing field... View Article

April 15, 2015

An Acceptable Form of Payment

A farmer, whose land holdings grew ever closer to the boundaries of an expanding metropolis, patiently waited for the right time to sell his land. When that day came, he and his family became instant millionaires. Set for life, he placed his money securely in the bank, and, true to his disciplined demeanor, did not touch it. Within five years through the wonders of inflation (in this case, hyperinflation), the sum he had received for his lands and which he... View Article

January 21, 2015

I Am Little Johnny’s Mom

When newspapers have small empty spaces to fill, and have failed to sell the space to an advertiser, they fill the space with a humorous human interest story. One such piece caught my attention. Although the story was clearly intended to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the situation, it struck a nerve with me for another reason. To paraphrase the story: Little Johnny’s mom hosted a birthday party for her five year old which included a ski outing at a cost... View Article

December 16, 2014

Get In Line – No Thanks!

These are turbulent times in America and indeed much of the world. The scene outside of Northline Mall in suburban Houston on December 14th, would leave little doubt chaos and unrest were at hand. There were reports of shots having been fired, though thankfully no one was struck. Store windows had been smashed by some in the crowd, estimated to be in the hundreds. The following day, garbage and debris lay strewn about the property. With all that has transpired... View Article

November 24, 2014

A Different Mindset

In 2008, a former colleague of mine attended a real estate conference in the United States. He returned convinced, and eager to convince the rest of us, that Canada was on the precipice of a massive Real Estate correction – just like the one that had enveloped our southern neighbour. It was a gloomy forecast, and as someone who had hitched his livelihood and financial well being to the real estate wagon – not one I enjoyed listening to. His... View Article

September 19, 2014


At a family gathering celebrating my parents 60th wedding anniversary last month, my aunt recalled their days as new immigrants to Canada. As opportunities to gather seem to become more and more seldom, I found myself listening more intently than I may have in the past. One particular story, and more specifically one phrase, struck a chord. As was, (and is) common amongst new immigrants, families often pooled their resources to purchase their first homes. In our families case, my... View Article

August 19, 2014

Empowered to Think

Nationally recognized and successful brands have often become so for good reason. The people who built them are often hailed as titans of industry whose success is rooted in legendary customer service, the willingness to take risks, or often both. Their brands become synonymous with quality, and customers come to take a level of quality – both in product and service- for granted. Most often, the reputations companies acquire, are well earned and we generally accept that their success is... View Article

July 21, 2014


We know of J.K Rowling as the author of the uber successful literary series Harry Potter. We know that she is one of the wealthiest entertainers in the world, and the first billionaire author. We know that the books that earned her accolades, spawned movies that made her millions, and theme parks that earned her millions more. A foray into a different genre of writing under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith brought modest critical acclaim, and even more modest sales until... View Article