Lot’s of Room at the Top

October 16, 2015 1:30 pm Published by

Now that school is back in session, my morning routine has once again returned from somewhat haphazard, back into – well – a routine. It goes something like this: home – school – coffee – office. My coffee of choice has always been, and mostly remains Tim Horton’s. Once in an odd while if I’m feeling particularly high brow about my coffee, I wander over to Planet Bean or more recently – Balzac’s at the corner of Gordon and Waterloo across from the Guelph farmers market. Both the coffee and atmosphere are a refreshing break. As I am not yet what one would consider a regular, the happenstance of bumping into an acquaintance is one I convince myself to be providential. So it was this morning.

My acquaintance, works in an industry that sometimes intersects with mine, which is how we first met. Rarely do I ever approach someone who seems self actualized in their current career, and suggest that they would be a good at real estate. More rarely yet, do I ever mention it twice – figuring that line from flattery to annoyance is a razor thin one at best. My acquaintance, is the exception. On at least two occasions that I recall, I opined that he had the personality well suited for success in my business. Pinpointing exactly what that means is difficult to articulate. There are a wide range of personality types that have proven to be successful salespeople, and some exceptionally fine individuals fall short of their own definition of success. However, if I were to reduce it to one word, it would be passion. A That ought not be a surprise in this or any other business. There is a certain energy and optimism that seems to radiate from successful people. (Success by the way, is not something that I would measure monetarily, though we can all appreciate that the bank doesn’t share such idealism!) In any case, my acquaintance radiates, and whatever seed I may have attempted to plant, must have sprouted, as today he brought up the topic. We exchanged a few words about the subject and agreed to discuss it further in the coming weeks. Who knows what will come of it, perhaps nothing. I did however feel obligated to let him know I felt he was capable if he so chose. While I would not be able to recall verbatim the conversation (yes, I know it was just this morning!) I do remember the gist of his query . Namely, was the playing field not already full enough? My mind, much like the stomach of a cow – swallows now and chews later. Our conversation has stuck with me, and caused me to reflect.

Yes, the business of trading in real estate can be and is, a competitive arena. However whether in this business or any other, there is always room for the best. If we believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well, why would we intend to be anything other than the best, or at least amongst them? Mediocrity is a crowded room in any profession, and if I thought for a moment my acquaintance was destined for it, I’d encourage him to stick to his knitten. Next door however, exists a far more spacious room where the people are always happy for some company.

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Jeff Neumann


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