Where ducks, deer, dogs, and kids run free

Kortright West is academic by association to its neighbour, Old University. Pockets of UoG students in this largely older family area are daring and few. Its own little collection of indie and large chain shops is no longer a secret. Neither is its off-leash dog park – the largest in Guelph – where canines prefer the fresh creek to their humans. Just as the young ones prefer the Kortright Splash Pad, and the not-so-young-ones, spotting a deer or two in the Preservation Park. In Kortright West, the road is gladly shared with the ducks, the deer and their friends and family. Remember to say hello on your next run. When you drive, go slow.

Look out for: Deer, ducks and their little one crossing on Kortright


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Kortright West neighbourhood in Guelph ON