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From Sushi to Garam Masala. From Honda to Impala.

Forming Guelph’s northwest corner, Willow West gets its sweet nickname, Sugarbush, from a generous cover of majestic old sugar maple trees. As one of the expansive neighbourhoods in Guelph, it boasts the largest recreational center in Guelph, the largest auto mall in Canada and – this is important – the only bowling alley of the city.

Specialty delis and casual lunch spots tucked away in its industrial-end serve local workers. Ethnic stores here experience faithful patronage and culturally curious visits alike. Its clearly distinguishable residential side is one of the most well established in the city, more popular among families and KW professionals than students. But if you are in the mood for a night out, simply follow ol’Paisley Rd right into the city’s heart.

Our favourite joints: Wellington Brewery, Old Fashioned Deli

Average year built: 1975-1985


West Guelph 2017 Market Data

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