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If ever there was a moment or event that causes one to reevaluate one’s priorities, or at least remind us of them, this would be it. Although the coronavirus has been on our collective radar for several months now, count me among the group that still found myself surprised by the sheer scale of implications it has wrought on our lives, with more certain to come. I suspect I am not alone. Today, in what I truly hope hindsight will prove was an abundance of caution, we announced an initial 2 week closing of our real estate office to staff in an effort to do our part to flatten the curve. By the time this article appears in print on April 1st, our action will be shown to be either unnecessary panic, or woefully inadequate and late in coming. Regardless, though our business exists to serve the housing needs of our clients, our first priority ought not to be our business, but rather the welfare of our community – both local and global.

The economic fallout both personally and nationally will be tomorrow’s problem, and an interesting one at that, once our health concerns have been abated. Today, however, is about focusing on priorities. About heeding the advice of those who know more than us about minimizing the impending impact as best we can. About enjoying every day we are fortunate enough to spend in good health and good company, and doing what we can to help those less fortunate do the same.

Once the dust settles, and dust always settles, we can return to our daily routines perhaps a little more aware of how fortunate we are. In the meantime, take care, be well, and when visiting the grocery store, leave a roll of toilet paper on the shelf for your neighbour!


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Jeff Neumann


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