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March 19, 2014


When I was in sixth grade, I got into a school yard disagreement with another sixth grade boy that resulted in a ripped jacket – his.  As we were sitting down for family dinner the phone rang, and my father got up to answer it.  When he had returned to the table, I noticed his mood had deteriorated appreciably.  It seemed the boys parents weren’t pleased with the ripped jacket. I do not recall much of a talking to from... View Article

February 11, 2014

Late Again, an Apology and a Lame Promise

      It has been the better part of four years that I have been writing this column in SNAP.  Early on, there used to be a deadline of the 18th of the month by which contributors were to submit their article for publication in the following months paper. As this left very little time to formulate the layout, edit the articles, and send to publication, writers were eventually asked to adjust their submission dates to the 5th of... View Article

January 15, 2014

Phone Manners

For those of us who still maintain one in our homes, the role of the land line telephone has indeed evolved. A generation ago, (and still for some folks who are either too cheap, too stubborn or too smart to own a cell phone), the telephone was a vital link to the outside world.  Today, more and more people forgo ownership of a landline telephone, as their ever present cell phone does a more than sufficient job of keeping them ‘connected’.  While much... View Article